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Hair Restoration

in Prescott, AZ

Hair Restoration for Men & Women

Salud Spa performs hair loss treatment for men and women. PRP Hair Treatment is an exciting, non surgical treatment for clients. It is believed that the treatment nourishes and regenerates the follicles that are struggling or lying dormant below the scalp. While the science of PRP in wound healing and tissue regeneration has been applied for decades in medicine, it has only in recent years been utilized for the treatment of hair loss. It is considered to be the leading non surgical treatment for hair loss.

What to Expect

PRP is all natural, harvested from the client’s own blood. Human blood contains essential stem cells and numerous growth factors. The procedure involves drawing several teaspoons of the patient’s own blood, processing it, and injecting directly into the patient’s scalp.  The scalp is specially prepared to avoid trauma, infection, and discomfort.

Bring back your hair!

The process takes about and hour and can be repeated every 4 months for 3 treatments, and then annually to maintain results.

See the difference hair restoration can make
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