ED treatment without pills in Prescott, AZ

ED Treatment without Pills is now Available in Prescott, AZ!

What Treatment Options are Available for ED (Erectile Dysfunction) in Prescott, AZ?

Most men will experience some form of impotence in their lifetime, and the likelihood of experiencing ED symptoms increases as we age. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition commonly seen in men over 40. ED causes them to be unable to achieve or maintain an erection hard or long enough to experience sexual intercourse. An inability to sexually perform can cause stress, low self-confidence, and even depression. So you can imagine how important it would be to find an ed treatment without pills.

Old age, poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, and clogged arteries can all contribute to ED. When at a high level of sexual health, erections are activated by arousal, which activates pleasure centers in the brain. The brain sends messages down the spinal column, ending in the penile arteries. If the arteries that supply the penis with blood are clogged, dormant, or damaged, these nerves can become inactivate and cease to swell with blood. A healthy circulatory system is integral to maintaining erectile health. In addition, stress causes nerve endings to be less receptive to incoming signals, making erection difficult or impossible.

Can’t I just pop some pills and solve this problem?

In short, the answer is “maybe”.

For many people, erectile dysfunction pills are not an option. While name brands like Viagra and Cialis have become very well known for their efficacy, they are not a one-size-fits-all solution. If you suffer from any blood or heart related health issues, taking pills for ED is not recommended. Even among those who can take the pills many choose to stop because they experience undesirable side effects.

Among those who choose to use a prescription drug solution for ED, most experience disappointment associated with a lack of spontaneity. All of the drugs available have a limited window of effectiveness and that window doesn’t start until 30-45 minutes after the pills are taken. Nothing kills the mood like waiting around for 45 minutes for your body to do what you want.

Thankfully, Salud Spa in Prescott, AZ is now offering a new ed treatment without pills that can bring the spontaneity back to your love life!

A new ED Treatment Without Pills

At Salud Spa, we’re excited to bring you treatments with our new Alma Duo device. It is a new, cutting edge advancement in erectile dysfunction treatment. More and more men are experiencing impotence, with this in mind, Salud Spa has teamed up with the ED specialists at Alma. Our ED treatment without pills can address the key causes of ED, such as decreased blood flow and atherosclerosis which results in a hardening of the arteries. Alma Duo treatments offer quick and effective options to accommodate all lifestyles and patients. Treatments provide a safe erectile dysfunction solution.

How does this ED Treatment work?

Alma Duo uses focused low intensity shock wave pulses to trigger an inflammatory response in the treatment area to target vascular function. This patented shock wave therapy causes “mechanical stress” to the treatment site. Henceforth triggering a cascade of your body’s natural wound healing responses. This causes your body to stimulate better blood flow and restore more natural function. The process involves no pills, no needles, and no surgery. Alma Duo is a quick, 15-minute in-office treatment that requires no topical anesthetic and no downtime. At Salud Spa, we’re treating the cause and not the symptom and there’s been very few, if any side effects. Many patients report that they are still enjoying the benefits of this treatment at least a year following their final treatment.

Is this new ED treatment without pills right for me?

If you’re a man between the ages of 18 and 70 who is looking to improve his sexual health then Alma Duo treatments are a great option to consider. Contact Dr. Seals at Salud Vitality MedSpa today to schedule ask any questions or schedule your initial consultation!

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